CRAHawaii Spring Lunch March 4th, 2019

At the Waialae Country Club

Attendance: Mary Ann Barngrover, Sue Maruyama, Marshall McCormick, Cheri & Peter Robertson, Bruno & Dorothy Siko, Darlene Smeigh, Ann Whedbee, John & Yoko White, Ken Yamasaki, Sarah Shanahan, Louis R Oliveira, Sr, Yaeko Flo Oliveira, Louis R Oliveira, Jr, Luz Oliveira, Roxanne Oliveira, Lou-Ann Adams.  

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Happy Birthday Ann.   Click the picture for more pictures of our meeting

Happy Birthday Ann.   Click the picture for more pictures of our meeting


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Chevron Memories in pictures

Updated December 3rd, 2018

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The organization is comprised of retirees, spouses, and surviving spouses of the Chevron Corporation, its subsidiaries or its former parts or predecessor companies (Chevron, Gulf, Texaco, and Union, to name a few).

Our primary purpose is social and to keep retirees informed of company benefits and other information.

In addition to direct Chevron’s benefits, there are many other benefits available to Chevron retirees.  Some are only available to dues-paying CRA members.

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  • Merchandise
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  • Shows
  • Mobile phone service
  • Insurance
  • Hearing aids
  • And other benefits

See the national CRA Benefits Overview site for more details.


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